Forum: Chili Burrito - 4 Servings

    No longer avalible

    Forum: Pasta with Creamy Mushroom-Pea Sauce - 4 Servings

    No Longer Avalible

    Forum: Cheese Sandwich


    Forum: Cube's Chili Recipe


    Forum: Irish Creme

    Roommate and I mixed up a few too many batches of this yummy stuff on Friday night. There is 616 calories per serving and 31.2 grams of fat. We later calculated we consumed about 5000 calories each with 250 grams of yummy creamy fat over the course of the evening.

    Forum: Thanksgiving Menu

    Whats on Yer Table?

    Forum: Wine

    Crystalpipes has just got back from 5 weeks in Scotland bearing a bottle of Blossom Hill 2005 California Merlot that she won in a raffle. As we are not big red wine drinkers, and are not at all familiar with American wines, I am wondering if it is any good, or should I use it to clean the drains?

    Forum: Airport Eats And Drinks

    I travel a few times a year, and some of you travel often, so which airports have the awesome grub? I ended up at Cleveland once where they have a Great Lakes Brewpub, which is incredible beer, and even more so on tap. My all time favorite is S.F. airport. I am upset if I don't have a few hours there. They have top notch sushi, and the Anchor Steam pub has Dungeness crab appitizers to die for. Where are you favorites? How is the grub at foreign ports of call?

    Forum: Deep Dish

    Hola Nignogs!

    Forum: LORDKAHUNA's mothermeeping breakfast sammich

    It had been awhile since I had made this, but today I made the manliest breakfast sammiches known to mankind.

    Forum: How to boil a potato.

    I wanted to know how to make a baked or boiled/steamed potato. How long do I leave it in the water and how much water is needed? If there's more to it, then any help would be cool.

    Forum: Recipe: Crystalpipes Braised Steak

    You will need:

    Forum: awesome products for you to love and cherish

    This is beyond good. I eat one of these almost every day.

    Forum: cooking perfect rice on the stovetop

    Tell how you nigers do it.

    Forum: Absinthe

    Hay guise.

    Forum: Tequila Christmas Cake

    Tequila Christmas Cake

    Forum: Salmon on a Leeky Raft

    After asking around some cookers wanted to know about this salmon:

    Forum: are vegans commie pinko meeps?

    i mean meeps in homos, not in cigarettes. what red blooded american would be a frikkin vegan? homos

    Forum: What's your favorite cereal?

    My all-time favorite was Lucky Charms.

    Forum: Truenative's Crab & Lobster cakes

    Truenative's Crab & Lobster cakes:

    Forum: home brew recipes

    Hi guys, I know now that we have a few home brewers, not just me and truenative, and so I thought we could get together and talk about some recipes. To start, I'm looking to make another ale any day now, and I was wondering if anybody has any kick-meep recipes to share. I wish I could say I had some good recipes of my own, but I just started this year, and I haven't had any major successes, although I tried a truenative style honey steam, which was pretty good.

    Forum: vegetarian recipes anyone?

    Right, Thursday night I have to cook for weif, friend and friend's stupid smug meep wife (whom also happens to be a vegetarian, although she's smug about this too).

    Forum: Omelettes

    Has anyone had a Jam (jelly) omelette?

    Forum: meep tasty tilapia

    So I bought tilapia monday and did this with it:

    Forum: Poll: Are wraps girly?

    Is it sort of womanly for a man to order food in a "wrap"? Yes or no.

    Forum: Recipe: Carmel Nut Popcorn

    I got this recipe a few years ago from a coworker; my wife ends up making a few batches every Christmas.

    Forum: Ghostriders Corndog Sensational

    For posterity's sake.

    Forum: The Worst Beer

    There's been a lot of arguing, what's the best beer, what's your favorite microbrewery, etc etc. I'm of the opinion that there's a lot of good beer out there and it pretty much all gets you drunk, so hey, whatever floats your boat.

    Forum: Recipe: A simple Quesadilla

    So I figga I had betta input something, the basic Quesadilla as taught to me by experience, age and wisdom:

    Forum: Recipe: Cheesesteak Soup

    List of Ingredients

    Forum: Recipe: meeperfly Truffle-Cheese Filets

    I work in a Hotel with a four to five star restuarant in it. One of the wonderful things about that is the I get to eat a gormet meal ever night for my employee chow, along with the security guard. Most nights its a chicken ceaser salad or some sort of crab tortillini, but in between the roast duck and the venison stew, they throw in a huge couple of left over filets from some lawyer banquet, and by chance a wine tasting seminar was going on in another room.

    Forum: Marf-cipes

    K, Here are some of my faves. Hope ya likes. I don't really go with measurements most of the time, and these can all be adjusted to taste. Rock:

    Forum: The Best Burger in the World...


    Forum: best foods from china

    what is your most delicious chinese food ?

    Forum: WINES

    Anyone ever try "Honey Mead"? I just heard about it and would like some feedback.

    Forum: Snow Crab & Shrimp/Squash/Filet Kabobs

    Now this just isn't fair, its so good.

    Forum: HellKat's Succulent Breasts

    As y 'all know, in addition to food tasting good, ease in preparation and as few dirty dishes possible are the goals.

    Forum: Rosie's Tater Salad!

    Wifey makes the kind tater salad. I can eat that stuff all day and night. For years I've tried to get her to share her secrets in the kitchen, and I finally got her to crack!

    Forum: Wine vs. Beer

    Ok, swarmers, its time to weigh in on one of the age-old questions that has troubled mankind since that brief period when french stuff was cool. Beer vs. Wine.

    Forum: salami

    do you prefer your salami dry or moist ?

    Forum: Dragons Breath Curry

    A wonerfull Thai Green Coconut curry recipe i picked up when i used to werk as a cook. Theres a few things that can be substituted throughout, I'll make note of it as i go. This is based loosely upon a traditional curry dish. Kind of a french fusion variation of it

    Forum: Kabobs!

    It's still BarBeQue season at the Goat Haus, and with red wines so cheap right now (3-4 bucks for a bottle of good cabernet) we're doing a lot a marinading.

    Forum: Tomato Souce - yr assets of the last resort

    Everybody loves sultry tomato souce.

    Forum: $250 cookie recipe

    Who cares if the story is true? Lfn nub cookies xx

    Forum: Beer: Liquid Bread

    Thought it would be interesting if the Swarm could have a place just for the discussion of our favorite beers and/or new beery discoveries.

    Forum: Chili Mac (not a recipe)

    Probably the most awful eating experience ever-

    Forum: fish finger sandwiches (u.k. only)

    grill some fish fingers until the smoke alarm goes off. Flap a tea-cloth about. Lay on two slices of bread, add tomato sauce. Count small change from down the side of the sofa. Phone for a curry.

    Forum: Recipe: perfect summer meeptail

    Tall glass filled with ice

    Forum: Prefix Recipe Posts

    Since I imagine most -- but not all -- posts in this forum will be recipes, prefix "Recipe: " to the thread title of any recipe you post. This way peeps can easily find all the recipes and not get deluged with posts that are requests for recipes, admissions of fruitmeeping, etc.

    Forum: Recipe: Rum meep

    1 box of vanilla wafers, ground up

    Forum: Recipe: EvilDigitz Curry

    Hurah, copied from my journal - in celebration of the food meep forum. I will add my Insendery Spag Bol recipe later :)

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