Can you get hooked on diet soda?

    I've often wondered if it was. I don't touch the stuff, but I've watched some who can't live without it. Conspiracy, or did the soda industry just get lucky?

    Del Monte introduces individually plastic-wrapped bananas

    It's actually a great value, because often companies either meep on either your intelligence or the environment, and here's Del Monte swooping like an angel made of meep, and meeps all over both at once.

    Coke Recipe Revealed??

    Someone try this meep and let us know....

    Girl with 12 fingers and 14 toes

    Aparrently they are all functional too, ultra weird.

    'I'm addicted to eating soap'

    'I remember the first time I dipped my fingers into the washing powder,' she said. 'I dabbed the powder onto my tongue and it tasted so sweet, and just felt so right. I was hooked straight away.'

    Eat Bugs, Save The World

    Insects require up to 20 times less food than cattle, meaning that per pound of food they are given, they produce several times the amount of protein. Also, up to 100 times less water is required per pound of usable protein.

    Test tube meat

    Engineer Vladimir Mironov has been working for 10 years on lab-grown meat that he believes can solve future global food crises as arable land diminishes.

    Duck L'Orange

    Duck L'Orange, one of the first classical recipes to excite Americans, now verges on a disrespectful joke. Still, it is one of the most delicious and accessible of all classical gourmet.

    Flavor Flav Wants To Compete With Colonel Sanders

    Momeeping Fried Chicken Boyeeeee!

    Whiskey in a can.

    Only in Panama at the moment, but wait 'till our southerners hear about it.

    The Woolly Mammoth 'could be reborn in four years'

    You can get new written tomorrow from England!

    Aspertame. WTF is aspertame?

    'No matter how you look at it, aspartame is bad news in my book. The massive introduction of this neurotoxin into the food supply is nothing less than biological warfare against every single one of us, and the only acceptable solution is to ban it from the food chain.-


    Everyone has 5.5 liters of blood.

    What Caffeine Actually Does To Your Brain

    An explanation of a substance I'm sure we all abuse.

    Forum: Turtle Burgers

    I finally got around to making these.



    Forum: Side Rib Dry-Rub

    I have a pile of pork side ribs to barbecue and I've run out of the rub I'd usually use. Does anybody have a recipe for a dry-rub they'd like to share?

    Forum: Delicious Sauce

    Delicious pasta sauce here. Incredibly simple.

    Forum: Forget About Factory Meat

    Kahuna requested an information thread regarding factory meat so I decided to make one. As some of you already know, I raise chickens and plan on raising goats, turkeys and ducks as the year progresses. I have also started buying all of my family's meat from local farm sources, including farmers markets and direct purchases from local farms. I do this because I care about my family and my own health... and factory farmed meat (what you buy from the supermarket) is one of the most disgusting things you can possibly put into your body.

    Forum: Guinness Shepherd's Pie

    Here is my take on Irish peasant food.

    Forum: illbilly mashed taters

    Wotak ingested these while visiting my neck of the woods,and suggested that I post the recipe.It's just mashed potatoes with some meep in them,but here goes.

    Forum: Your weird food.

    So when I was a kid and I caught a cold, Mom would fix me chicken noodle soup with a peanut meeper sandwich (no jelly) and I would dip it in the soup. The saltiness of the chicken broth made the PB taste sweet, like the kind in Reese's cups. Living the college dorm bachelor life, I discovered that Great Northern beans + ketchup + toasted white bread = yum. What is your favorite poor/bachelor/stoned/no groceries in the house/ food?

    Forum: Pork Roast w/ Porka-Cola Gravy

    Boston meep is one of the nicest cuts of pork to be had. It's basically a well trimmed, bone-in shoulder, so why it's called a meep roast is beyond me. The best thing about it is that it's an inexpensive cut. A 6lb Boston meep will run you about $7.50. But like most inexpensive cuts, you need to know how to cook it to really make it work. The reason I love this particular cut is that it has (if it was trimmed correctly) the perfect balance of meat to fat for a slow cooked oven roast with gravy.

    Forum: Glass of Water

    Does anyone, ( Wotak I'm looking at you) know how to pour the perfect glass of cold water?

    Forum: Cheese Steak

    Does anyone ( Wotak, I 'm looking at you) have an easy recipe for a Philly Cheese Steak that they would be willing to share?

    Forum: Marinades, please!

    My boss is hosting a BBQ in a couple of weeks and everyone has to bring some food. Not being much of a cook myself, I thought I'd just do some tasty chicken limbs in the oven and bring them cold.

    Forum: HEALTH: A Nocal PSA


    Forum: Gordon Ramsay Recipes

    Gordon is one of my favorite TV personalities and is probably the chef that has the most influence in my own kitchen. This is a collection of some of the dishes he's prepared on The F Word. If you find any others, put them here please.

    Forum: Ribbin

    An ribs, on sale @ the Kroger's

    Forum: I Like Food Rap

    A funny rap about food:

    Forum: Awesome Pork Chops

    Lemon Chops -n- Rosemary Taters

    Forum: Oprah Buys Country KFC

    This meep is for real.

    Forum: Poached Squirrel Delight

    Wild game is one of my favorite things to prepare. I love venison and usually have some in the freezer but it's not even close to being my favorite game food. Venison is nice because you can fill a freezer with healthy, inexpensive meat but smaller game animals are where the real flavor is at.

    Forum: limoncello

    hello, alcoholics.

    Forum: Carnie Food

    this is a simple but solid recipe. i believe the wife said it's an old ww recipe, so... shrug.

    Forum: Serious Cowboy Breakfast

    (Best if served after midnight. Several beers and shots of bourbon at the local tavern are the perfect appetizer for the Serious Cowboy Breakfast, and if a Cowboy ain't serious, I don't know who is.)

    Forum: Tenderloin Broccoli Stirfry

    i did this even though it's the first time making it because i've cooked like 5 things in the past 3 weeks and forgot to get the domeepentation on. it's pretty simple, but pretty meep good.

    Forum: HOWTO: Kill Your meeping Face Chili


    Forum: Chicken Deliish!

    Matt calls me (usually at the last minute, cross-country) for advice when his wife is out of town and he's gotta cook dinner for his four kids. It's become a joke, so one night he decides out of pure bravado to go it alone: a chicken casserole recipe called "Chicken Delish!"

    Forum: Cheap Eats, especially if you go with the faux crab

    Scalloped Potatoes Au Gratin

    Forum: bacon in beef

    if i wrap bacon around a cheese log,

    Forum: FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tastes delicious

    Forum: HOW TO: Turkey Yin and Yang

    I love roast turkey but in my opinion, it is a boring dish if it isn't spiced up a bit. I like turkey roasted with traditional poultry seasonings mixed with a bit of olive oil and applied to the bird under and above its skin before roasting. I do not stuff my turkeys because I think they cook better when left empty. Plus, I only make turkey when I'm having family over for the holidays and one of my Aunts makes the best meeping stuffing on earth. For that reason, there is never stuffing in my birds.

    Forum: Blue Soup

    First you take your basics. Leeks, Onion, Garlic, Blue potatoes, fresh Rosemary, etc.

    Forum: indoor grilling

    i'm looking for a <$100 indoor grill.

    Forum: One tasty burger

    I made some burgers tonight that I thought some of you meeples might like. They were quite good, a little different and fairly healthy.

    Forum: fast food, healthy or fatty?

    what's your take?

    Forum: How much do you love bacon?

    This looks sooo yummy!

    Forum: Flour Tortillas

    Make your own!

    Forum: Bring yo recipes meepes

    Bring your recipes here meepas. I'll start.

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